Welcome to QuickNOC Pro Career Guide V.2.0!  (QNPCG 2.0)

This software is all about you: the client, the job seeker, the career changer.

You may or may not have a counsellor assigned to assist you.  If you do, you will have even more information at your fingertips.  If you do not, QuickNOC Pro Career Guide can still help immensely. 

We have designed a section of our application, just for you.  It's called, the "Simple Section."

We named it Simple, because it is easy to use, and you don't need a college degree to interpret the results.  It's simple.  You read about the steps in obtaining a job, choose likes or dislikes, make entries, all while you learn about the world of work, and your preferences for certain types of work. 

QNPCG can teach you about Resumes and Cover Letters by explaining what goes into them, and using a fill-in-the-blank form, to help you to create them. 

You can save as many as you like, edit them, print them, or delete them.  We make it easy for you to target your Resumes and Cover Letters to employers and save those versions for later use.

If you have a counsellor helping you, you can review a Transferable Skills Analysis created by them, just for you.  This will show you the occupations for which you already have skills, based on your employment history.  If you completed the Interest Inventories in the Simple section, QNPCG will even tell you those occupations which you possess skills in, that are of interest to you.   It really is amazing and very easy to use.

We wish you great success in your career hunt.  It is not often an easy task, and we are glad to make the trek that much easier using QuickNOC Pro Career Guide.  

Good luck!


  QuickNOC Pro Career Guide is an online software application designed to help people return to work.  No matter what type of worker you are or were, you can benefit from using QuickNOC Pro Career Guide. 

Workers Compensation cases, injured workers, mothers returning to the labour force after raising children, laid off workers, career path changers, students, recent graduates, professionals or blue collar workers can all benefit from the information provided by QuickNOC Pro Career Guide. 

Counselling professionals, in particular, can save hours of time assisting their clients in a more efficient manner by using QNPCG.  The information obtained helps the client find the right path and teaches them how to get their foot in the door.

works the same way previous versions did.  There are three levels of user:
  1. Administrators
  2. Counsellors
  3. Clients

If you have been assigned a User Id and a password, you are ready to go.  When you log in, the system will know who you are and your appropriate level.  Each user level views the system slightly differently.

CLIENT VIEW UPON LOG IN (The Simple Section)

As a client, you  have access only to the Simple section.  This section is informational as well as constructive.  You need to know how to build a resume before you can create one, so we tell you how. 

We have tips and a fill-in-the-blank form that walks you through building resumes and cover letters.  We also have two interest inventories that will correlate to the TSA results the counsellor produces. Other tip sections and a client journal help you prepare and keep track of important meetings, people, dates, times, phone numbers and results.  You "may" review the TSA results online, if your counsellor allows. The results contain links to even more pertinent information. 

When you work within the Simple section, and your counsellor works within the Advanced section, there is a synergy of information.   The interest results appear in the TSA results.  The counsellor not only knows which occupations have transferable skills, they also know in which occupations the you have expressed interest, based on your interest inventory results.  The counsellor and you work together to return to work, forming a relationship with the same goal: successful return to work.


THE SIMPLE SECTION  (Client Section)

  • Find your occupational areas of interest with our Interest Inventories
  • Learn how to make a resume
  • Use our fill-in-the-blank template to create a resume and save it
  • Learn how to make a cover letter
  • Save as many Resumes and Cover Letters versions as you like
  • Learn how to find a job with our Job Search Techniques
  • Learn how to prepare for an Interview
  • Learn Additional Job Tips, where to learn about openings, evaluating a job offer and more...
  • Create your own online Job Journal
  • Communicate securely with your counsellor with Secure Mail online
  • Print in Adobe PDF (Portable Document Format) or RTF (Rich Text Format)
  • Use our fill-in-the-blank template to create a cover letter and save

Review Your Counsellor Created  TSA results
View occupations with similar skills as your employment history
  Hyperlink from your results to view Profile information
  Job Futures information, Labor Market information, Job Bank information and current
  openings, NOC Handbook information in English or French

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